Bojagh National Park

Bojagh National Park National Park in Rasht, Iran

Entrance Fee Free

Bojagh National Park sprawls across 3,250 hectares on the Sefid Rud river delta and is a no-hunting zone. The park which is located southwest of the Caspian Sea is a bird watching destination. Bojagh National Park is home to birds such as greylag goose, red-breasted goose, flamingo, pelican, black-winged Stilt, cormorant, heron, ibis, mallard, Eurasian teal, gadwall, spoonbill, ruddy shelduck, common shelduck, northern shoveller, grebe, swan, western swamphen, barbary falcon, hobby, western marsh harrier, northern lapwing, coot, sandpiper, curlew, larus, common pratincole, common pochard, falcon and Eurasian widgeon.

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