Fathabad Garden

Fathabad Garden Historical Garden in Kerman, Iran

Entrance Fee $4

Fathabad garden is located 16 km North West of Kerman, according to historians, this pattern has been used to constructing Shazdeh Garden in Mahan. The history of the construction of the garden is around the year 1255 (Hijri-Shamsi), In Qajar period. Fathabad memorial garden “Fazl Ali Khan Biglarbeygi” was the ruler of Kerman. That is why it is also called Biglarbeygi Garden. The Fathabad Qanat water passed through fathabad Garden in the past, and it was so refreshing and lovely.

The Fathabad Garden with its old and valuable history, for a long time had been abandoned and damaged and most of the trees have dried up.
Fathabad Garden- before reconstruction.

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