Hegmataneh Hill

Hegmataneh Hill Archaeological site in Hamadan, Iran

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The Hegmataneh hill is a historic hill with over 3000 years of history which dates back to the Median period. This historic hill contains an underground city which is the capital of the first kingdom in Iran. It covers an area of about 30 hectares and is located in the old section of Hamedan city in the Ekbatan Street.

Hegmataneh Means: “Gathering place” in Persian and the Greek called the city Ekbatan. This city is believed to have been built by the Deioces the first Median King. Although the history of the city is controversial; nevertheless the area has historical remains dating back to Medes, Achamenids, Parthian, Sassanids and also Islamic dynasties like Aleh Bouyeh (Bouyehs Family) most of them belong to Parthian era.

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