Ebrahim Abad Qanat

Ebrahim Abad Qanat Ancient aqueducts in Arak, Iran

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One of the Iran's ancient aqueducts, known as Qanat listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Ebrahim Abad qanat in the Markazi province which is nearly 800 years old and belongs to the 14th and 15th centuries has captured UNESCO’s attention due to its conical shape and its direct impact on the economy and the life of the district’s inhabitants. Ebrahim Abad qanat emanates from Haftad Qolle Mountains and after passing through an 11 kilometers westward route, reaches the Ebrahim Abad village. For years this qanat has provided the village’s farms with water and also has helped the development of this rural area equipped with relative facilities such as cisterns and bathhouses, and on top of that it has irrigated the village’s orchards as well.

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