Rasht Museum

Rasht Museum Museum in Rasht, Iran

Entrance Fee $3
Everyday 9AM to 5PM

The Rasht Museum extends over an area of 560 sq. m. and is a double storeyed structure. These premises belonged to Mirza Hossein Khan Kasmaie, (an ally of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali). The same was purchased by the Cultural and Arts Organization in 1970. After the required renovations, the structure was converted into a museum. The said museum is under control of the Cultural Heritage Organization at present, and was innaugerated in the year 1989. The museum comprises of three sections named as, the archaeological, anthropological and a sector displaying documents. Objects discovered in the excavations of hillocks such as Marlik, Tukam, Daylaman, Cheraq Ali and the Tegran cave are on exhibit here.


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