Underground City of Nushabad

Underground City of Nushabad Ancient Ruins in Kashan, Iran

Entrance Fee $5

the underground city of Ouyi (Noushabad) in the northern Kashan is considered one of the masterpieces of ancient architecture. as Noushabad city is located in the region of central desert of Iran, its weather is quite harsh. during the day Noushabad has a very hot temperature and during the nights it gets pretty cold. The reason why this city is called Noushabad (meaning the city of cold tasty water) is because in the ancient times one of the Sassanian kings who were passing through this area stopped here to drink water from a well and he found this water extremely clear and cold. Therefore he ordered to build a city around this well and name it Anoushabad which eventually turned into Noushabad. One reason for this underground city being built is thought to be to escape from the daytime high temperature of the region.

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