Zaman Khan Bridge

Zaman Khan Bridge Historical bridge in Shahrekord, Iran

Entrance Fee Free

The historic bridge of Zaman Khan is 30 meters long and 13 meters high. The bridge is built on a stone trestle with two 8-meter spans and is constructed with brick and mortar and gypsum plaster. In the past, there were several bridges built for crossing the Zayandeh River, but in the winter, with the rains and flooding of the Zayandeh River, all of these bridges collapsed, but the bridge of Zaman Khan resisted because of strong rock bases against these uprisings. In fact, the clever decision of Khan time to use the rock as the base and the breakwaters and to put the bridge spans on it, the bridge's strength is multiplied.The bridge was built on the orders of Zaman Khan, one of the leaders of the Qashqai tribe who once reached the area of ​​their migration to the region. This bridge facilitated the passage of the Il on the Zayandehrud River and thus prevented the quagmires from crossing the rocks.

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