Mahneshin Ecolodge Rudbar

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About Mahneshin Ecolodge Rudbar

Mahneshin is an ecolodge or traditional house located in a green village near Rudbar in the north of Iran. In this accommodation, you can feel nature, rural life, and organic foods.

Divrash village, Tutkabon, Rudbar


Available Rooms

Room for 4 Guest

Room for 4 Guest

Max Guests:
4 persons

Room for 6 guest

Room for 6 guest

Max Guests:
6+2 persons

Amenities of Mahneshin Ecolodge Rudbar

    Facilities and services provided by accommodation for the travelers include 20 car parking spaces, English-speaking staff to guide non-Iranian guests, a public kitchen with all the necessary cooking equipment. A local guide, gas heater and etc. Due to the cool climate of the area, there is no need to use an air conditioner system.

  • Cafe
  • Outdoor Restaurant
  • Traditional Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Fridge
  • Room Services
  • Complimentary Breakfast

Frquently Asked Questions

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