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Questions and Answers about travel to Iran

In this page, you’ll find many questions about Iran and travel to Iran with best answers. We found lots of people who want to make a trip to Iran have many questions, so we collect these questions with best answers. If you have any question, simply ask and get best answer in your email in less than 24 hours! it’s free…

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Most Asked Questions

Can I drink alcohol in Iran?

No. there is no alcoholic beverage in Iran, and consuming alcoholic beverages is illegal and punishable. You cannot formally find an alcoholic beverage at all anywhere in Iran, and you should forget it during your trip to Iran. There are secretly sellers of alcoholic beverages, but due to the illegality of this issue, there is no supervision over their quality and they may be very dangerous and cause poisoning.

Yes, why not? Iran is a very safe country, and no danger threatens anyone in Iran now. You can ask those already traveled to Iran and read travel logs on the internet. There are no terrorist attacks in Iran. Nobody explodes. The people are kind and hospitable, and everything is OK to provide a memorable journey for you. Just abandon your concern, ignore the TV and fake news about Iran, and travel to real Iran!

Unfortunately, there is currently no possibility to use international credit cards like Visa Card or MasterCard in Iran. We would like to do so, and it will happen soon, but we are currently sanctioned. The only way for travelers is to use cash. The Iranians do not use much cash, and bank cards and their accepting devices are very common, but for tourists, having these cards requires a bank account that is a bit difficult and time-consuming. One way is to use a card of Iranian banks called gift card, which can be a great option for tourists. To receive this card, the travel guide or the travel agency you are contracted must help you. It is something new and not very common; but we provide this service for our passengers.

Yes, in Iran, no tourist is questioned about marriage. For Iranians, this is a matter of law and they should be married, but there is no problem for tourists. You can safely travel to Iran with your friend.

Recently Answered Questions

What can I buy in Iran?

Iran has various souvenirs, the most famous and most expensive of which is Persian carpet. Except that, there are copper dishes, enamelware, Khatam dishes, pottery, various fabrics, and many other handicrafts in different cities of Iran that you can bring to your country as souvenirs and memorabilia from Iran. Do not forget special Iranian foods like Isfahan’s Gaz, Sohan (Qom), and Spices of Kerman.

Like many countries, tipping is common and popular in Iran. Tipping a taxi driver on short routes is not common, but in other cases, it is better to tip. The tour guide, the hotel carrier, and restaurant Garson will be very happy with your tipping. The tip of restaurant waiter and hotel carrier is about 2 to 3 dollars and less than it is not good. Consider more tips for the tour guide or driver guide because they are with you on the whole journey and can be very helpful. 5 to 10 dollars each day can be OK.

It is better to take enough money according to your travel plan; nevertheless, if you ran out of money for any reason in Iran, there are various ways to receive money from your own credit card. There are intermediaries who can do this for you. They introduce you an account to deposit money from your credit card and you can transfer money to that account online and they deliver you Rials in Iran; of course, it costs a bit. We can also do that for you.

Iran is not an expensive country and due to the high value of dollar against Iran’s Rial, travelling to Iran will not cost you much compared to the other countries, unless you want to buy expensive souvenirs such as Persian carpet. Of course, cost management and getting familiar with the ways to reduce costs in travelling to Iran may be very effective and decrease your costs greatly. Hotel reservation is possible at a discount and purchasing with good offers is available. Shipping is very cheap if you are familiar with the costs. The food is cheap. But in general you need to know where and how to buy. For example, everything is very expensive at the airport. If you want to save considerable expenses on travel to Iran, we recommend that you take time before traveling and make a full research on how to reduce the cost of traveling to Iran. There is good information available on this site.