Historic House Accommodation in Khuzestan Province

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Tabib Traditional Hotel Shushtar

Tabib Traditional Hotel Shushtar Hotel

3 star

The traditional Hotel Tabib Shushtar started its operations in 2016. This 200 years old house belongs to the Qajar era and was used as a trade center at the time.

Durantash Hotel Shush

Durantash Hotel Shush Historic house

1 star

Durantash residence was put into operation in 1976 after renovation. It has 6 rooms and suites with 3 rooms on the ground floor and 2 suites on the upper floor.

Afzal Traditional House Shushtar

Afzal Traditional House Shushtar Historic house

1 star

Afzal's mansion is one of the historic houses of the Qajar era in Shushtar, which began operating as a traditional residence in 2013. Architecture is a collection of Iranian Islamic art.