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7 Days Tour to Iran, In the way of Shrines! – Religions Tours


Day 1 – Mashhad
Arrive at Mashhad International Airport. Lunch will be served on the plane. Passengers are received at Mashhad Airport and transferred by AC Coaches to respective Hotels. After settling down in the allotted rooms visit Imam Ali Ibn-e-Musa Raza Shrine and pay respect to Imam. After Dinner free time for shopping at Bazaar-e-Raza. Night in Mashhad

Day 2 – Mashhad
After Breakfast visits Imam Raza Shrine to see Quran Museum, Carpet Museum, Weapon & Medal Treasury, Seashell Museum, Stamps-Bank Notes and Coins Museum. After offering Zohr prayers get back to the hotel. After taking lunch and a little rest revisit Shrine to see Goharshad Mosque & Library, Naqqar Khane, Sehn-e-Imam Khomeini, Sehne-e-Azadi, Sehen-e-Inqilab, Sehn-e-Hidayat, Sehn-e-Jamhoori Islami, Sehn-e-Quds, Sehn-e-Ghadir etc. After offering Isha prayer get back to the hotel for Dinner. Free time for shopping. Night in Mashhad

Day 3 – Train
After Breakfast checks out from the hotel, keep your luggage at hotel storeroom and transfer to coaches to visit Tombs of Khaje Rabih, Khaje Abasalat, Khaje Murad and Bibi Shatite. On the way back visit Nader Shah Tomb and Museum. Get back to hotel collect your luggage and at night drive to Mashhad Railway Station to travel in the most luxurious train for a comfortable night journey to Qom. Dinner and Bedding will be served on the train. Order dinner to train attendant after showing your ticket to him. Night in Train

Day 4 – Qom
Transfer to coaches at Qom Railway Station and check-in the hotel. Get fresh and visit Hazrat Fatima Masooma Qom Shrine to pay respect to the younger Sister of Imam Raza. After Zohrain Prayers get back to the hotel. After taking lunch and rest visit Masjid Jamkaran. Offer Two Rakaat Prayers at Jamkaran to pay respect to Imam Mehdi. Write Areezeh at the Mosque and deposit same at Mosque Well. Attend Dua-e-Tawasul at night in Jamkaran Mosque. Get back to the hotel. Free time for shopping. Night in Qom

Day 5 – Train
After Fajar prayers at Masooma Qom Shrine get back to the hotel for Breakfast and check-out. Travel to Tehran via Shehr Ray. On the way visit Shrines of Shah Abdul Azeem, Imamzade Hamza, Imamzade Tahir, Koh-e-Sharbano (Imam Hussain Wife) and Marqad-e-Imam Khomeini. Keep driving to Tehran and, if time permits, visit Tajreesh Bazar for shopping and Shrine of Imamzadeh Saleh. At night board the luxurious train at Tehran Railway Station to return to Mashhad. Dinner will be served on the train. Night in Train

Day 6 – Mashhad
After reaching Mashhad Railway Station transfer to coaches and check-in the hotel. Fresh-up and visit Neshapur to see Tomb of Farid-ud-Din Attar, Umar Khayyam, and Kamal-ul-Mulk. Visit Shrines of Imamzadgan Mehruq and Ibrahim, visit Qadamgah-e-Imam Raza and Chashmeh. Drink Holy Water and carry some water for your families back home. Get back to Imam Raza Shrine and enjoy a unique experience of attending Dua-e-Kumail after Isha prayers. Ater dinner free time for shopping. Night in Mashhad

Day 7 – Mashhad
After Fajar prayers get back to the hotel for breakfast. Go back to Shrine to offer Juma Prayers. After prayers go back to the hotel and take lunch. After some rest at the hotel either make a trip to Beautiful Koh-e Sangi Park to refresh or revisit Imam Raza Shrine. After offering Isha Prayers at Imam Raza Shrine obtain his permission to depart. Get back to the hotel for dinner. Then check out from the hotel and proceed to Mashhad International Airport to fly back.