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Iran Visa, How to get a Visa for travel to IRAN?



To travel to Iran, you must first obtain a visa for Iran and Iran visa is presented in various models of tourist, commercial, long-term, and multiple entries that we will explain tourist visa.
Obtaining tourist visa for Iran include two stages. The first stage is receiving Authorization Code that is performed online through the Iranian travel agencies and their websites; and the second stage is referring to one of the Iranian Consulates, providing Authorization Code received from the previous stage, and receiving the final stamp of the visa.

All passengers should receive Authorization Code before applying for a tourist visa. This code is a prerequisite for a visa. After receiving this code, you can apply for the final visa. For those who travel by group and by tour, in general, this code is automatically received by the tour and there is no need for the passenger to do anything. Otherwise, you can perform the stages of receiving this code through the existing online services or the Iranian travel agencies. The cost of issuing this code is about 35 Euro, different depending on the agency you choose and even, it may be more and it takes about three to fifteen workdays. PIN Iran will also do that for you (Refer to our services, Iran Visa).

To receive this code, you must determine which embassy you will refer for obtaining the visa stamp. Since it is not possible to change the embassy after issuing the code, you would better to select the city where you can access it. Iran has no embassy in some countries. The list of embassies will be available in the following. In addition, you can select visa-on-arrival or airport visa that of course, the citizens of about 180 certain countries can choose this option.

What documents are required to receive the Authorization Code?

Your scanned photo, your scanned passport, and a series of personal information about your job and travel plan to Iran are asked from you to receive an Authorization code that we recommend to answer them accurately and honestly. This information should be provided for each person individually. You can see the Information Receipt Form here.

Who cannot enter Iran and cannot receive Authorization Code?

Israelis cannot enter Iran at all. Moreover, if you have already traveled to Israel, you are not allowed to enter Iran! Some jobs like journalists and well-known social network activists and people like them cannot be allowed to enter Iran. There is also some special sensitivity for the Americans, British people, and Canadians, they can only obtain a visa in the form of a tour, and there is no possibility to receive a visa for single travel. Even the length of visa may be exactly the same as the duration of the tour. The people of the other countries will have no problem.
In addition, there may be some harshness or prohibitions due to the political events and diplomatic relationships with Iran with the other countries when you apply for a visa; and you are required to have updated information or ask your broker. In this page, we will update the last news related to visa and you can see the last rules and changes. It is better not to book your flight or hotel before ensuring the issuing of this code or the lack of any problem.

Iran consular in different countries

The list of Iranian Embassies & Consulate for Visa is available HERE

Visa-on-arrival or Airport visa

Citizens of all countries except America, England, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Iraq can receive the tourist airport visa in Iran and by which, they can stay in Iran up to 30 days. Six airports in Iran present the airport visa. Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran (the best option), Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, Mashhad Airport, Shiraz Airport, Tabriz Airport, and Isfahan Airport. To receive the airport visa, you should select one of these. Of course, we still recommend not to choose the airport visa option and obtain your visa previously from one of the embassies; because you may be lagging at the airport for hours. Depending on your nationality, the airport visa will cost from 25 to 145 euros.

Extension of Tourist Visas

If you have a tourist visa and you want to extend it, you can go to Police Offices of Foreign Aliens in major Iranian cities. The visa can be extended twice for up to 2 months. You can extend your visa in all cities, but we offer you to do this in cities that are more familiar with tourists like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Mashhad.

The process for extension is simple, they may ask you about the reason for your visa extension. If you have a tourist visa, say that you want to see more sightseeing in Iran.  All you have to do is to fill some forms and give your passport and your visa copies. The documents you need are:

  1. Two passport photos
  2. Forms to be filled
  3. Copies of your passport and Iranian visa
  4. An entry stamp
  5. Pay for the visa extension (about 10-15 dollar)

We insist start the process in the earlier morning then you can be sure the entire process will be done in one single day. It usually takes between 1-4 hours. Offices are open from Saturday to Wednesday, 7:30 AM – 2 PM.

Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Tehran: Motahari Ave, Koohe Noor St.

Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Mashhad: Next to Azad Univ., Rahnamaee St.

Police Office of Foreign Aliens in Isfahan: Azadi Sq.

Note: You CAN NOT extend 30-days airport arrival visa.

Citizens of the countries that do not need a visa

Citizens from Georgia, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Syria can receive a stamp on Iran without Iran visa and only with a valid passport.

News about Iran’s Visa

Mar. 2016 : Iranian consulate in London now issues visas.
Mar. 2016 : Delay in release of visa application results in Mar. due to Iranian new year holidays.
Mar. 2016 : Iranian embassy in London expected to restart issuing visas soon.
Oct. 2015 : Visa upon arrival now good for 30 days stay
Aug. 2015 : Iranian embassy in London reopened, but no tourist/business visa issue, yet
Mar. 2014 : Restrictions for independent travel of UK and Canada passport holders in Iran
Mar. 2014 : Visa upon arrival facility suspended for Indian passport holders

Request for an online autorization code

We are an online provider for an authorization code. By filling the on-line form you can have your authorization code and Iran visa. Also the form is available in PDF format here if you want to collect your visa from the consulate.

Request for Visa On-Line