Heyran Telecabin

Heyran Telecabin Gondola in Astara, Iran

Entrance Fee $5

Heyran Gondola lift (Telecabine) is a gondola lift in the Alborz mountain range, within Ardabil province & guilan Province of northwestern Iran. It is located near in the city of 25 km from ardabil city and 35 km from Astara.

Construction of Heyran Gondola lift is an important step towards the development of tourism in ardabil province & gilan Province. The Heyran Gondola lift has 30 ordinary cabins with six seats and also there are three special VIP cabins.

The gondola lift is 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) long through a beautiful landscape of the Alborz. It has: views east of the Caspian Sea; views southwest to the Fandog Loo forests in the Alborz, and views north to the Azerbaijan border area in the Alborz.

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