Heyran Village

Heyran Village Village in Astara, Iran

Entrance Fee Free

Heyran Village is a village in the Astara area in the Gilan province and is made up of 3 parts: lower, middle and upper Heyran. The most significant touristic area near this village is the Heyran Col (Gardane-Heyran) which is located in the Astara-Ardebil road.

The word Heyran (surprised) is really a good name for the village because the weather and the nature really surprises every tourist. When you visit Heyran make sure to head to traditional restaurants and also do not forget to buy some of the natural honey.

The Col, 1500 meters above the sea level, is almost always foggy (The fog caused by the Caspian Sea). It neighbors High Mountains and a valley from which “Astarachay” river passes in the Iran-Azerbaijan border. The Heyran also has other touristic and recreational facilities including the Heyran Telecabin which was established in 2011.

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