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You can individually travel to Iran if you want, however, nothing like a knowledgeable and professional guide who is informed of the city’s tourist attractions will make your travel a pleasure. In addition to its many advantages, having a guide can even reduce your travel costs. Maybe you ask “how?”

It is true that you pay some money to have a guide, but the help and guidance of a local guide during the travel help you make the best decision with the lowest costs when going to a restaurant, shopping, or more simply, even when taking a taxi. The costs are not fixed in Iran, and if you know how and where to go to shopping with the help of a local guide, you will significantly save your travel costs.

We are a travel guide service provider in Iran. We can provide you with an official and professional guide or even send you a driver guide. You can hire a friend or local guide or even have a telephone guide in traveling to Iran in order to support you in the best way wherever you face a problem.

Official and Professional Tour Guide FROM$30

You will be daily provided with a professional tour guide with the tour leader card fluent in a foreign language and the cost will be different depending on your destination city, travel time, and your desired language.

You will be daily provided with a professional driver guide who is familiar with the tourist destinations and fluent in a foreign language and the cost will be different depending on the number of people, the type of the vehicle, and your desired language.

You will be daily provided with an in-person or telephone local friend and travel companion familiar with the tourist destinations and interested in travel that is fluent in a foreign language and the cost will be different depending on the destination city and your desired language.

  • Our guide, Amir, was very good, he spoke perfect English, provided just the right amount of fascinating information, helped us to understand and embrace the culture of Iran and Shiraz city, and warmed us with his enthusiasm and energy.

    Testimonial user
    Rita RudnerOur Customer
  • Our guide Mina was knowledgeable, helpful, patient and funny. We learned so much about Iran! Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.

    Testimonial user
    Jean PiagetOur Customer
  • Our driver guide, Mahmoud, was fabulous and provided us with lots of information about Iran’s history and culture. He made the trip so enjoyable for all of us!

    Testimonial user
    Gary NullOur Customer

Our services for local travel guides

Official tour guide in Iran

Hire an official tour guide in Iran

If you need an official and professional travel guide for your trip to Iran who supports you in your trip and also be familiar with Iran’s sightseeing and tourist attractions, you can use our local guide services. PinIRAN has contracted with official travel guide of Iran who has Travel Guide Certificate from culture and tourism organization of Iran and can hire them on a daily basis for you with best-guarantied prices. Every city has their special local guides and we offer best of them based on your travel plan.

Hire a driver guide in Iran

One of our services is transportation service. If you will be the client of our transportation service and you also need a guide but your budget is limited, one of the best recommendations is to use a driver guide. For example, you can hire a car with its driver who is a professional guide familiar with your language. This way, you can both travel to different places and see the sights as well as having a guide with you. This is one of the most cost-effective and best services you can have when traveling to Iran because you will only pay one cost and use two services instead of paying two separate costs.
Driver guide in Iran
Local Assist in Iran

Rent a Local Assist in Iran

You have planned for your travel to Iran and you do not need a guide or your budget does not let you hire a professional guide. In this situation, what about having a friend in the destination city? Certainly, having a local and loving friend in a strange city can be very helpful. You can have a local friend in your travel at the lowest cost. Maybe he/she will not be a professional guide, but he/she is a local person and can help you in many cases and of course, his/her cost will not be so much. At the very least, we would suggest you have a telephone travel consultant in order to call him/her wherever you need and ask your questions.

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Complete the required information in the form accurately and completely. The number of passengers and the number of travel days will affect the final cost. We also expect to accurately specify cities and tourist attractions you intend to visit so that we can prepare the best tour guide for you as quickly as possible.