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Applying for an Iranian visa has 2 steps. The first step is to request for an authorization code that can be received online from Iranian travel agencies and the second step is going to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa. PinIRAN is an online provider for an authorization code. By filling the form below you can have your authorization code.

You can obtain your Iran’s visa code in 5 easy steps:

1- Fill out the form below
2- Wait for a confirmation email from our visa department comes with payment method and links.
3- Pay the visa’s authorization code fee’s.
4- Wait 7-15 working days till your code send to you by email.
5- Refer to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa.

Filling out the visa form

Contact information:

needed for contacting you by us or Iranian ministry of foreign affairs in some cases. also we will send your authorization code to your email. if you have any question or comment, you can tell us in the comment field.

Passengers Information:

Be sure that the details have been entered is correct, since they must match your passport info and the documents which will be submitted later to the consulate for collecting the visa. Occupation  and is important.

Trip Details:

Planned point of entry, cities which you wish to visit and number of days you wish to spend in each, name of host (if you have), name of hotels you will use (if you know), planned point of exit and other detail about your trip. in case you do not have your itinerary in mind yet, we can help you planning your itinerary. just tell us about your desires and we will arrange an itinerary for you.

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